Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Once Upon Arrival

Once we arrived in London, we needed to meander through customs, collect our luggage and figure out the way to Notting Hill and the flat. Easy enough. We arrived, but then realized we were all starving. It was nearing 10pm in London, but our bodies had not yet adjusted to the time and it felt like dinner time. We took a quick walk to a nearby grocery, bought cheese and crackers, frozen pizzas, and a few breakfast staples, including coffee and milk (some of you are giggling at that because you know me so well). We headed home, snacked up, then hit the sack.

There are no pictures to show this because we all slept from about midnight until 1pm. Yeah, I think that delayed plane, airport sleeping stuff had us all kinds of twisted up. As soon as we realized what had happened, we jumped out of bed and started the morning hustle to get out of the house. More to come as the day goes on...

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