Monday, July 18, 2016

Cheerio! À la prochaine.

That's it folks. Today was our last day in Europe for this summer.

We walked and trained over to the Boulevard St. Germaine, where apparently the best chocolatiers in Paris are housed, at least according to Conde Nast. Others may disagree, but I just needed a place to start, ya know?

We decided to check out a couple of different places on the list. We wanted to get a variety (even though only one pack was for us and the rest are gifts) just to see the different stores.

First up, we visited Pierre Marcolini and after perusing for a minute headed out. We didn't buy anything, as this was our first stop and we wanted a basis for comparison. We are teachers after all, so shopping on budget is kind of thing.

Next door was a cute little boutique, Antonio et Lili, that had the cutest outfit hanging in the window. I went in and looked at the price and then decided to keep walking. But it stuck with me. I really wanted it. So, I turned back and decided to splurge on me. I bought the entire outfit - dress, belt and necklace - just as it was displayed because I loved it so much. I may wear it to work every single day next year.

From there, we traveled down the boulevard to Patrick Roger, but it looked closed so I peaked in the window. The smaller box was like 40 euro, so we decided to keep walking, only to watch this other guy walkin. Um...push, not pull. My bad.

From there, Un Dimanche à Paris, which is a bar, restaurant and chocolate store. They make the chocolate right there in front of you behind a big window. We finally bought something...a lot of somethings. The smell alone inside the store was enough to sway me.

After that, Maison Georges Larnicol for a box of macarons. They had self service chocolate that could be scooped into boxes and bought by weight, but I know myself, and that felt dangerous. Macarons only it was.

Next up was Henri Le Roux, but they were closed for another hour. Our last stop was back to Pierre Marcolini. Can you have too much chocolate?

We headed back to the apartment to pack up for tomorrow. Our day starts at 6am. I'll be home soon, RVA. I've missed you, a lot.

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