Friday, July 1, 2016

Tate Modern! *insert celebration emoji*

I had been anticipating this moment our entire trip and there was actually a point where I feared we wouldn't be able to fit it in. Alas, we arrived and I was over the moon. Nothing was going to damper my excitement! Except...when we arrived, apparently, it had been evacuated. Well. Okay, so maybe that may have momentarily damped some excitement. Whatever had happened was over quickly, and we only waited seconds before we were cleared to go in.

The Tate is located just next to the Shakespeare Globe. Street performers crowd the waterfront entrance to entertain guests as they enjoy the view of the Thames and the city. The views inside rivaled anything we would see on the outside. Art dates back from 1900 to present, including exhibits for arts and society, materials and objects, performer and participant, and media networks. In this case, pictures speak louder than words, so I'll leave you to my favorite views in this mostly pictorial post.

Outside of the Tate Modern

Long exposure while moving camera of "Babel"

From the tenth floor observation deck

The Worker's Maypole, An Offering for May Day 1894

The Music from the Balconies

Guerila Girls

Guerilla Girls

Marilyn Diptych

Twenty Questions (A Sampler)

After the Tate, we headed home to decide on dinner. We walked around Notting Hill and ended up at a burger joint that was delish. As we left for the walk home, the streets glistened from the light rain that had just passed. As we turned to follow the street, we looked up and much to our surprise, were greeted with this omen of things to come...

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