Thursday, July 14, 2016

We were going to go to Strasbourg today, but...

Wednesday, June 13. Did it happen? Did it not?

Trivia time:
You arrive at the bus stop on time for your 8:30am bus to Strasbourg, a short seven hour trip. You get in line for your bus only to find out that you booked the trip for the next day but don't have a place to stay tonight. What do you do?

Freak out. That's what.

We went inside and frantically starting trying to get on wifi to find a train or a place to stay for the night. Nothing, and I mean almost nothing, sounds worse than being on the streets of Paris overnight with three kids.

After about forty five minutes, we found a train leaving in an hour from a different station. We decided we could make it. So, we bought the tickets and took off. Thankfully, we made it on time, but were 336 euro poorer than we were about an hour earlier. We figured we were losing money one way or the other, so we figured better to get ourselves to Strasbourg. The train ended up taking less than two hours, which is WAY better than the seven hour bus ride we were going to endure. Well worth the money.

Once we arrived though, we couldn't check in for three hours. We found a restaurant, had some food and then headed to a playground to let the kids blow off some steam.

Look at this place.

We checked in, ate some dinner and then I passed out. Apparently, I was still tired. I slept 14 hours.

Which is why I am posting this in the morning on Thursday.  Excited to explore today...

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