Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tickets and Trains and Travel, Oh My!

Today was all about getting from point A (London) to point B (Oxford) without any major mishaps. We arrived at Paddington Station way too early and spent over two hours just hanging out, snacking and sipping coffee. Which was surprisingly fine. The kids were awesome and I was able to get some work done. The train was right on time. We snagged a six pack of seats all facing each other and were off without a hitch.

After an hour, we had arrived in Oxford. Unprepared for the differences between Oxford and London, we arrived on a Sunday with no cash in hand. The buses and taxis only took cash. We didn't have a PIN number for our credit card. We were over a 30 minute walk from our accommodations with three tired kids and two very heavy backpacks. We were saved by an amazing cab driver who offered to take us and had us call in to his office to pay by credit card. Life saver!

Once to the "apartment" - a term, I'll use loosely - we unpacked and then headed out to explore. First stop, dinner. More fish and chips. I won't lie. I love them. But they aren't all the different than in the states. But I'm gonna eat them until I'm sick of them. After dinner, we just walked around because, literally, why not? We had no idea what we were wandering by, but that was fine with us. We just know we are here and we will figure the rest out tomorrow.

After we arrived back to the "apartment," we decided it was too nice to go inside and go to bed. Plus, the sun doesn't set here until 9:30ish. We headed to South Park and just hung out and played in the sun. For your viewing enjoyment, my very silly family playing in the sunshine in a park. Sometimes, even when travelling, we must slow down and just take in the natural world around us. It feeds the soul.

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